My apology for stopping development My Outlook Today and SongWidget.

My Outlook Today

Most of reason to stop development for My Outlook Today is that I don't use outlook. When I worked for Sony, I had many meetings every day and I had to work out time to write code. ( It was my motivation! ) However I left from Sony in Dec 2006 and lost motivation to develop it.

Also SongWidget was submited 1 year ago. SongWidget isn't appeared on Yahoo! Widget Gallery through status is "Version 0.3.2 is approved and enabled" now. I often send request support team but they always response that "we comfrim it" only!!

...After a year.

I am using Google Calendar in company I worked for and in private, so I restart to develop Yahoo! Widget. I submit "My Google Calendar" and new version of "My Outlook Today" last week. My outlook Today is already approved here. My Google Calendar widget is still "Version 1.0.0 is pending: Screenshot requested (1024)"

I did re-use source code between My Google Calendar and My Outlook Today and I could release new ones through I don't use outlook. I would like to keep updating ones as much as posibble.

Please let me know you have any questions and requests of My Outlook Today and My Google Calendar.

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