I released SyntaxHighlighter for Movable Type version 0.1.1:

http://makotokw.com/portfolio/movabletype/syntaxhighlighter/ http://blog.makotokw.com/portfolio/movabletype/syntaxhighlighter/ (in Japanese)

This version had latest SyntaxHighlighter (2.0.320) and supported more languages (ActionScript3, etc...) And supported "Page" text filter, works the Movable Type 5-beta.

Also, fixed some bugs. The SyntaxHighlighter 2 has own event handler for window.onload, but SyntaxHighlighter did't not work on some case becuase version 0.1.0 added function to window.load too. In version 0.1.1, this plugin do noting for window.onload.

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