I was(am?) Syntaxhighlighter for Movable Type author. I developed it because I never find Alex Gorbatchev Syntaxhighlighter plugin for Movable Type.

I used the Syntaxhighlighter Evolved on WordPress. I have to make it apply to some entries of Movable Type. Then, I developed two plugins work with Syntaxhighlighter Evolved.

1) for Syntaxhighlighter for Movable Type

change Syntaxhighlighter for Movable Type style(code:lang) to Syntaxhighlighter Evolved style(code class="lang")

2) for Legacy style (Syntaxhighlighter 1.5 style)

highlightcode <pre name="code" class="c"></pre> Syntaxhighlighter Evolved (2.3.6) dose not support legacy style. It needs to ugrade: http://alexgorbatchev.com/wiki/SyntaxHighlighter:Upgrading