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Redmine theme looks like GitHub Revision 4

I have updated gitmike redmine theme. It looks like GitHub.

gitmike screenshot

You can install this theme by using Git.

cd redmine/public/theme
git clone git:// gitmike

Also, you can download archive from GitHub. The r3-ja or r4-japanese-font includes Japanese font settings, please download the r4.

Flat UI Colors for iOS UIColor

Flat UI Colors to iOS UIColor instance.

UIColor *turquoiseFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.10196078431372549 green:0.7372549019607844 blue:0.611764705882353 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *greenSeaFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.08627450980392157 green:0.6274509803921569 blue:0.5215686274509804 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *emeraldFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.1803921568627451 green:0.8 blue:0.44313725490196076 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *nephritisFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.15294117647058825 green:0.6823529411764706 blue:0.3764705882352941 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *peterRiverFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.20392156862745098 green:0.596078431372549 blue:0.8588235294117647 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *belizeHoleFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.1607843137254902 green:0.5019607843137255 blue:0.7254901960784313 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *amethystFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.6078431372549019 green:0.34901960784313724 blue:0.7137254901960784 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *wisteriaFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.5568627450980392 green:0.26666666666666666 blue:0.6784313725490196 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *wetAsphaltFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.20392156862745098 green:0.28627450980392155 blue:0.3686274509803922 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *midnightBlueFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.17254901960784313 green:0.24313725490196078 blue:0.3137254901960784 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *sunFlowerFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.9450980392156862 green:0.7686274509803922 blue:0.058823529411764705 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *orangeFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.9529411764705882 green:0.611764705882353 blue:0.07058823529411765 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *carrotFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.9019607843137255 green:0.49411764705882355 blue:0.13333333333333333 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *pumpkinFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.8274509803921568 green:0.32941176470588235 blue:0.0 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *alizarinFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.9058823529411765 green:0.2980392156862745 blue:0.23529411764705882 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *pomegranateFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.7529411764705882 green:0.2235294117647059 blue:0.16862745098039217 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *cloudsFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.9254901960784314 green:0.9411764705882353 blue:0.9450980392156862 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *silverFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.7411764705882353 green:0.7647058823529411 blue:0.7803921568627451 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *concreteFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.5843137254901961 green:0.6470588235294118 blue:0.6509803921568628 alpha:1.0]; UIColor *asbestosFlatColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.4980392156862745 green:0.5490196078431373 blue:0.5529411764705883 alpha:1.0];

Also I commit UIColor+FlatUI.{h,m} files to GitHub repository.

How to clone git project form github by using Egit on Windows (sygwin)?

Here is "Guides: Using the EGit Eclipse Plugin with GitHub":

However, Egit could not connect by ssh on Windows when I used cygwin for ssh+git. Egit try to find .ssh on HOME directory on Windows(C:\Users\makoto_kw), but it is on HOME directory on cygwin(/cygwin/home/makoto_kw).

I could relate to .git with Egit after importing a project

  1. git clone on cygwin
    • git clone
  2. Create new project on Eclipse
    • Chose directory cloned above
  3. Context menu of the project > Team > Share Project... > Git
    • Egit find .git automatically and select "Finish" button

That's all!

php-twient is PHP Twitter library works without cURL

I did not want to develop twitter library. But, I have to work wituout php_curl.

php-twient is:

  • PHP5 Object Oriented
  • Supports basicAuth and OAuth both
  • Supports autoload
  • Should work with/without php_curl (auto detect php_url)


  • Supports more twitter API (v0.1 is statuses API only)
  • Fix that OAuth part use php 5.3 Deprecated function

Switching the WordPress from Movable Type

My Japanese blog (kwlog) have be published Movable Type for three years. I decided to switch to the WordPress because I could not use the Movable Type 5 intuitively.

I haved moved 1500 entries to WordPress. Now, I am writhing the plugin insted of Movable Type plugin (ex. textfilter)... I am sorry that I leave to develop a Movable Type plugin maybe, and I'll become a wordpress plugin developer. :)

highlightcode legacy style by Syntaxhighlighter Evolved

I was(am?) Syntaxhighlighter for Movable Type author. I developed it because I never find Alex Gorbatchev Syntaxhighlighter plugin for Movable Type.

I used the Syntaxhighlighter Evolved on WordPress. I have to make it apply to some entries of Movable Type. Then, I developed two plugins work with Syntaxhighlighter Evolved.

1) for Syntaxhighlighter for Movable Type

change Syntaxhighlighter for Movable Type style(code:lang) to Syntaxhighlighter Evolved style(code class="lang")

2) for Legacy style (Syntaxhighlighter 1.5 style)

highlightcode <pre name="code" class="c"></pre> Syntaxhighlighter Evolved (2.3.6) dose not support legacy style. It needs to ugrade:

SyntaxHighlighter for Movable Type 0.1.1 is here!

I released SyntaxHighlighter for Movable Type version 0.1.1: (in Japanese)

This version had latest SyntaxHighlighter (2.0.320) and supported more languages (ActionScript3, etc...) And supported "Page" text filter, works the Movable Type 5beta.

Also, fixed some bugs. The SyntaxHighlighter 2 has own event handler for window.onload, but SyntaxHighlighter did't not work on some case becuase version 0.1.0 added function to window.load too. In version 0.1.1, this plugin do noting for window.onload.

Custom Theme for My Outlook Today and My Google Calendar

(last updated) 2009-05-17

I would like to intoduce adding custom theme to widgets I developed.

"My Outlook Today" and "My Google Calendar" are calendar widgets. My Outlook Today 1.2 of and My Google Calendar have a function to change appearance. And My Outlook Today 1.2.1 and My Google Calendar 1.0.1 will search custom theme on widget folder when its start up.

Custom Theme file structure

/MyWidgets/MyOutlookToday/theme  (/MyWidgets/MyGoogleCalendar/theme)
   /theme1      -- theme name. displayed on widget preferences.
      /theme.js   -- style settings
      /*.png     -- image files

MyWidgets folder is at C:\Users{UserName}\Documents\My Widgets on Windows Vista, C: \Documents and Settings{UserName}\My Documents\My Widgets on Windows XP, or ~/Documents/Widgets on MacOSX.


theme.js is simply json data follow:

    padding:[0,0,0,0],  // padding for background
    defaultFont:'Catull', // default font 
    titleCss:{textAlign:'center'}, // header text style
    titleColor:['#9EA8AF',{color:'#000000',vOffset:0,hOffset:-1,opacity:190}], // color, shadow settings
    apptIconColor:['#808080'], // Appointment colorize
    taskIconColor:['#EFA763','#6767F2','#808080','#EF5656'] // Done,Low,Normal,High for Task

image files are for background and icon.

background image files

background using 9 files (nine-grid) and 1 file(divider).


Nine-grid rendering allows you to preserve the original dimensions of the corners (top_left, top_right, bottom_left, and bottom_right). The top and bottom are stretched horizontally only, and the sides left and right are stretched vertically only. The center is stretched in both dimensions.

icon files

icon_current.pngcurrent or near appointment
icon_event.pngevent icon
icon_task.pngtask icon
icon_next.pngarrow right
icon_prev.pngarrow left
icon_schedule.pngcalendar view icon(My Google Calander never use)
icon_tasklist.pngtask view icon(My Google Calander never use)
icon_today.pngtoday icon
icon_back.pngtoday icon to return
icon_forward.pngtoday icon for return
icon_loading.gifloading icon(My Outlook Today never use because it load sync)

for example

I tried to create new theme named "wood".

  1. create image files by Fireworks CS4 :)
  2. copy style.js and image files to C:\Users\makoto_kw\Documents\My Widgets\MyOutlookToday\theme\wood
  3. run My Outlook Today widget and open preferences
  4. select wood at theme

That's all!

sample theme download

I understand this function is very simple and is not usefule yet. Please let me know you have any problems , questions and ideas. # give me beautiful theme you designed also :)

Simple and Light jQuery Menu

Demo: Source Code and Download: github I read "300+ Jquery, CSS, MooTools and JS navigation menus" and look for jQuery plugin for menu. But I didn't know which plugin is best way to use. So... I have created new jQuery menu plugin.

I was back to Yahoo! Widgets

My apology for stopping development My Outlook Today and SongWidget.

My Outlook Today

Most of reason to stop development for My Outlook Today is that I don't use outlook. When I worked for Sony, I had many meetings every day and I had to work out time to write code. ( It was my motivation! ) However I left from Sony in Dec 2006 and lost motivation to develop it.

Also SongWidget was submited 1 year ago. SongWidget isn't appeared on Yahoo! Widget Gallery through status is "Version 0.3.2 is approved and enabled" now. I often send request support team but they always response that "we comfrim it" only!!

...After a year.

I am using Google Calendar in company I worked for and in private, so I restart to develop Yahoo! Widget. I submit "My Google Calendar" and new version of "My Outlook Today" last week. My outlook Today is already approved here. My Google Calendar widget is still "Version 1.0.0 is pending: Screenshot requested (1024)"

I did re-use source code between My Google Calendar and My Outlook Today and I could release new ones through I don't use outlook. I would like to keep updating ones as much as posibble.

Please let me know you have any questions and requests of My Outlook Today and My Google Calendar.

SyntaxHighlighter for Movable Type is released!!

You might think why Movable Type.

As you see, I used the WrodPress for this blog.

In Japan, the Movable Type is more popular more than other countries because we could use the Movable Type freely(only individual use) before the Movable Type Open Source is released. And now also.

I also have another Japanse blog with the Movable Type and develop some Movable Type plugins.

I found the SyntaxHighlighter plugin for WordPress, but didn't find for Movable Type. So I have developed it.

I have submitted it to Movable Type Plugin Directory. And you can download following page:

guidgen web application

The guidgen that is tools to generate GUID. I often used it to develop COM.

In the Visual Studio 6.0, the Visual Studio included the guidgen. However, the VS.NET dosen't include it but Windows SDK includes it. Therefore I forget and lose it sometimes.

Then I developed the guidgen web application and released it here: "guid web application" use ExtJS and BlzGuid.js.

Please use it! And let me know if you found any problems!